Whimsday: In which I tell you about all the things I’m whimsing about this week

Ahh summer. The hottest time of the year…

I seem to have a weakness for swimwear and, in particular, bikinis. Which is kind of weird I guess, because my paper-white skin makes me a little too self conscious to really enjoy wearing a swimsuit. But I did see this suuuper cute one on my Pinterest the other day and immediately had that (quite dangerous) thought “I could make that. Easy!”

whimsday bikini


I dunno. I’ve never made a swimsuit before and I tend to think that I can make pretty much anything and then I’m often sorely disappointed when it doesn’t work out. There’s not much material here (which, Andrew tells me, is kind of the point) so it wouldn’t be too much of an investment. We’ll see… I’ll let you know if it ever pans out. Also, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Another thing that I’m pretty sure I could make:

Whimsday kelly skirt

(Link is broken (from pinterest) so… sorry)

Kelly green A-line skirt. This is one of the items of clothing that costs upwards of $200 and I’m like “seriously??? I could make that for like $5!!” I think this will be one of my next projects just because it looks sooo easy. I need something to soothe my seamstress ego after my last project (post forthcoming). I might even make the top to go with it.

Another forthcoming project:

Whimsday baby blanket


Baby shower gift set. My good friend, Kate, is having her second girl in October. For the first one, I went all out and made a freaking quilt. I will probably never ever ever make another quilt as long as I live which I know some people will be sad about, but it’s really just not my thing (it did turn out pretty cute, though, if I do say so myself). This project looks a bit more manageable and time-effective 🙂

Andrew’s whim for this week:

Whimsday choco cakwe


Chocolate cake with salted caramel Swiss butter cream. His absolute favorite dessert that he (almost) single handedly finished the one and only time I’ve made it before (and he wonders why I never made it again). But I promised him that if he does well on his accounting mid-term then I would make it for him. He’s ecstatic.

And, lastly, Kitsune’s doggy whim for the week (ok ok, it’s my whim for him; but he does love getting new toys):

Whimsday dog toy


Zippy Burrow Doghouse hide-and-seek toy. I think the doggies are so cuuuute! And they squeak, which is something that Kit loves. He might tear them apart in like a day, though, haha.

What do you wish for this Whimsday?


3 thoughts on “Whimsday: In which I tell you about all the things I’m whimsing about this week

  1. Cute new blog! And I’m a fan of that blanket set…i was going to make it, but now I won’t! 😉 Lindsay loves the quilt you made her, but also loves her jersey knit blanket, so I’m a fan of that idea for Jules. We need to get together to sew stuff!

    • Hahaha, you were not supposed to see this! I didn’t even think about the fact that you would see it when I linked to Facebook. Oh well 🙂 I’m glad you approve.

      • Haha, good move. 😉 Well, you don’t talk to me so much anymore so I’ve resorted to internet stalking you.

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