The Tale of the Brave Kitsune Who Wouldn’t Leave His Mother’s Side

Once upon a time, there was a very sweet little corgi named Kitsune (pronounced kit-sue-nay).


He was taken from his mother at only 8 weeks old, which really isn’t too different from most other corgis in this world, so he turned out pretty ok. He got a new mom and dad and they took really good care of him except that they made him do all these really weird things like poop outside and walk on a leash and eat out of a bowl. He learned to follow all of their silly rules and that made his mom and dad pretty happy.

But what makes Kitsune happy?

The best thing in the world for Kit, is being able to be near his mom’s feet, no matter where she’s standing. Like, while she’s doing the dishes:

IMG_1478 IMG_1480

Or when she’s in the shower:


Or watching tv:


Or sleeping:

IMG_1486 IMG_1487

Or, even, using the potty:


All of these things combined make Kitsune a very happy dog:


The end!

Note: Most of these photos weren’t staged. We did use treats to get Kit to look at the camera, though 🙂


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