Whimsday: In Which I Tell You All The Things I’m Whimsing About

On this, the 29th of May, in the year of our Lord 2 thousand and 13, I proclaim these to be my wishes, to be granted by whichever fairy godmother so chooses to take on the whims of mostly contented mid-twenties woman (sounds like an easy job, right?)

Whim number 1: The Cambie dress pattern. And, of course, the most beautiful fabric to go with it.

whimsday cambie dress


Whim number 2: The perfect fabric to knock-off this beautiful ModCloth skirt

whimsday skirt


Whim number 3, on behalf of the spouse: Chicken gnocchi soup recipe from Olive Garden along with perfectly warm homemade bread

whimsday gnocchi soup


Whim number 4, on behalf of the dog (but really for me): a beautiful doggy stuff-organizer

whimsday kit

And, lastly, whim number never-going-to-happen-like-ever: a beautiful sun-room with a perfectly manicured but still overgrown backyard

whimsday out

Let it be written. Let it be done.


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