My name is Shahn and this is me:


Age: 20 something (I don’t care about my age, but there are some creepy people on this internet)

Marital status: Married to the finest man in town and loving it:


My favorite dog in the whole world? This guy:


Named Kitsune (which means “fox” in Japanese which is perfect because he certainly looks like a fox sometimes. Sometimes he also looks like a rabbit, especially when he runs, so maybe we should have named him Usagi.)

Hobbies: Sewing (duh)


(Just want to show you (and my mom) the perfect matching of the fabric pattern at the side seams)

I also love to garden. Here is the first fruits of my labor that started way back in March, moved onto hopelessness when nothing sprouted, that turned into euphoria when little leafs of green started poking through the dirt. Novice tip: plant spinach! No matter what you do to it, it will grow like crazy and you will feel like a success.


We also love adventuring:



Other than that, work pretty much keeps me busy.

Well now you know a little bit about me; you can judge me all you want, just keep it to yourself. Ok BYE!


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