Tune-up Tuesday: In Which I Inform You of All My Latest Projects

Thank heavens for memorial day sales! I freaking love when the sale stuff is discounted even more! It makes me want to buy the whole store and then some. Luckily, Joann doesn’t always have the best fabric selection so I wasn’t tempted to buy everything. But I did find some good stuff.


Fabric #1 is a duck cloth with a really saturated red color. I’ve had this project in mind to make some cushions for our kitchen chairs, similar to this:


I was debating between this fabric and some plain red cotton, both of which were on sale for about a quarter of their original price. The duck cloth was $3 more per yard, and since I knew I’d need quite a few yards it was a hard decision. I ended up going with the heavier fabric knowing that I’d have to justify it to Andrew. It’s more durable! So the cushions will last long through our first few children. And I will definitely want the same color scheme for all my kitchens for the next few years (haha, yeah, right).

Fabric #2 is a sea foam green dupioni silk that I scored for $3 a yard (marked down from $23). I wish now that I’d gotten more; it really is a beautiful fabric. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll make with it; maybe a pretty dress like this one:

dupioni silk dress

Fabric #3 is a simple printed knit with about 25% stretch across the grain. I just thought it was a pretty color and it felt really  nice against my skin. Also only about $3 a yard, so why not, right? Probably going to turn into a simple wrap dress like this one:


Fabric #4 is a cream colored, gauzy, crepe-y cotton that I really liked in the store but am not so crazy about now that it’s home. But I do have very specific project in mind for it; a dolman top with gathered side seams. Kind of like this one (but also not really at all):

dolman top

Fabric #5 is plain green linen, also for a very specific project. Forthcoming; be patient 🙂

Fabric #6 is a microsuede in a very pretty blue. I’m going to use it to cover 2 throw pillows on my canvas couch.

And there you have it. My Memorial Day sale scores and basically all my up-coming project ideas.

What are you working on?